Flood Coverage



(Developed to compete against the NFIP program)

Available limits:
  • Building & Contents - $5M combined on any one building
  • Business Income - $500,000
Eligible properties:
  • Residential & Commercial buildings
  • Condo’s - Minimum of 4 stories, positively elevated A +V zones, Max TIV $50M
  • (we can write a primary $5M and excess of $45M)
Coverages available:
  • 1) Buildings and Contents coverage mirrors the NFIP form and is Lender Compliant
  • 2) Business Income/Rental Value (incl Extra Expense)
  • 3) Contents only
Minimum attachment Points:
  • $2,000 per occurrence in respect of Primary Buildings coverage
  • $2,000 per occurrence in respect of Primary Contents coverage
  • 14 day waiting period in respect of Business Income/Rental Value coverage
Waiting Periods:
  • No waiting period for mortgage loan closings
  • 7 days waiting period in respect of Coastal (Tier 1 and 2) risks
  • 14 day waiting period for inland risks
  • 1) Properties located in a community currently in an Emergency or Suspended Program
  • 2) Coverage for mobile homes
  • 3) Medical Equipment
  • 4) Perishable Goods, including food and/or drink
  • 5) Business Income and/or Rental Value only coverage
Program Benefits:
  • Replacement Cost coverage for building & contents
  • Ability to schedule multiple locations into one policy
  • Competitive rates based on tier county locations
  • Policy wording accepted by Lenders
  • Basement coverage available for positively elevated A or V zones only
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